Saturday, August 7, 2010

Social Media Pt. 1

I am trying something new on my blog and it is I recorded a podcast. I am so excited about this because now you can hear me as well as read what I say. This podcast is entitled Social Media Pt. 1 where I begin to talk about Social Media and how we dis-connect from people and not connect with them. Well, here it is.


  1. Hi David!

    GREAT to see you using podcasts! What a topic too, social media IS gaining momentum and is an intricate part of anyone wanting to attract their business or their personal brand by creating that relationship to a receptive audience, the WORLD!
    Great job, looking forward to part 2!

  2. Hello David,

    Great idea to use a podcast to get your message about Social Media out to everyone.

    I agree with you about what you said about not using Social Media as an in your face billboard for your business opportunity.

    I do however feel that a good portion of the people that are on the Social Media sites are there to promote there products and get people to join their company or sell them a service or product.

    For us as leaders we have to loose that selling mind set and just provide good content on our blogs and interesting conversation on the Social sites and people will want to start a reciprocal relationship with us and that is what it is a about.